Yang Hyun Suk To Be Forwarded To Prosecution For Threatening Informant A Regarding B.I’s Drug Investigation


Are doors finally closing in on Yang Hyun Suk?

On February 14, various Korean news outlets reported that it has been found partially true by police that Yang Hyun Suk threatened informant ‘A’ who testified against B.I to change her testimony.

Yang Hyun Suk has previously denied all allegations against him. However, a third person named Kim, a staff member was reported to have been presented during Yang Hyun Suk meet up with ‘A’. Kim is the individual who assigned an attorney for ‘A’ using the company’s money in exchange for changing her testimony.

After investigating Kim, the police came to the conclusion that Yang Hyun Suk’s testimony couldn’t be trusted for lacking credibility and found the charges to be partially true.

The prosecution plans on forwarding Yang Hyun Suk’s case to the prosecution for a recommendation for indictment.

Stay tuned for updates.

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