X1 Members Haven’t Received One Penny For Their Hard Work Yet, Mnet Promises To Settle Accounts Today


A new report about X1 earnings settlement is sparking a lot of outrage against Mnet and CJ ENM!

On February 17, an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports claimed that despite 42 days passing since X1 disbandment, the group is yet to receive any penny from their hard-earned money.

The report also claims that the agencies had attempted to reach out to CJ ENM multiple times to no avail, they haven’t received a response yet. X1 debuted in August of 2019 and have sold out 500,000 copies of their debut album and even held a showcase at the Gocheok SKY Dome; they also participated in many overseas activities such as KCON, but according to the report, they have not been paid for their hard work.

Mnet issued a response to the report claiming that they’ve been ‘continuously conversing with each member’s agency regarding the payment issue,’ they also stated they plan on settling the accounts statement today.

Criticism is being directed towards CJ ENM for not paying the members of the agencies yet.

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