Actress Ku Hye Sun recent instagram update has fans worried!

On February 1, Ku Hye Sun posted a couple of beautiful selfies to her Instagram account, however, the caption drew attention, she wrote,

“I got a perm. I’ll be going far away soon.”

The caption could be a negative thing and its making fans worried about her mental state, Ku Hye Sun has publicly expressed her struggles following her divorce announcement in August of 2019. Since some idols previously discussed their mental state online and ended up taking drastic measures, fans are now worried about Ku Hye Sun.

When the news was revealed, it made headlines everywhere; fans were split between Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun. Both actors got hate from each other’s fans and their divorce battle hasn’t ended yet.

Fans left many comments on her post asking her to take care of herself,

Are you ok????? In any case, be good; please take care of yourself Fighting

she’s worrying me… she seems unstable.

trust yourself

and many more.

Others seem to think its not a big deal and that’s she might be referring to a retreat she’ll be taking soon.

What do you think of Ku Hye Sun’s post?


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파마했어요. 곧 멀리 떠나요.

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