Weki Meki Choi Yoo Jung is receiving hate from netizens for the stupidest reason!

A community post titled ‘what do you think of Choi Yoo Jung doing this?’ is gaining attention and has been the topic of discussion among netizens, surprisingly, she’s receiving backlash for it.

Choi Yoo Jung recently posted about her delivery food order to her Instagram story, she captioned,

“Everytime I order delivery, I ask the store manager to draw me a bear. They drew me one for the first time. Thank you. and I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

Netizens are criticizing Choi Yoo Jung for causing inconvenience. The post actually became trending news on Naver, more netizens are criticizing her for making the delivery people do this every time, here are some of their comments,

“Isn’t it inconvenience, if it’s not one time?”

“I am cute’ is this to appeal to fans, snap out of it, kiddo.”

“I guess she thought she’s done something cute.”

“This is rude.”

And more similar comments criticizing her for inconveniencing people who are trying to run a business.

What do you think of this? Do you think she deserves the backlash?



  1. I don’t get why people are hating her for asking them to draw a bear. In my opinion, it’s the same thing as someone asking a restaurant cook to put something extra on an order or asking them to take something off an order. Isn’t that inconvenient for the cook as well? No, it’s not because that is their job. She had a small tiny request to add to her order like every other customer does. She put ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ because she already feels bad for asking them to take that extra step. Stop hating her for something that isn’t trivial at all.


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