Fans have been speculating about Son Ye Jin Character fate after seeing “Crash Landing On You” finale.

On February 16, “Crash Landing On You” ended its run becoming the highest-rated drama in tvN’s history. Fans can’t stop talking about the drama even a week after it finished its run, and something interesting came out of the finale that had people speculating on Son Ye Jin’s Character fate.

This happened after tvN shared behind-the-scenes photos of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin warmly embracing each other to celebrate the drama successful conclusion. However, fans noticed that Yoon Se Ri’s dress was baggy and it looked like maybe their characters had gotten married and she was pregnant with Ri Jung Hyuk’s child.

Various online communities began speculating about this and the story only grew bigger. However, a source from “Crash Landing On You” just shut down those rumors in a statement to OSEN.

The source described the rumors as ‘nonsense,’ saying,

“I think the photo leading to speculations about Yoon Se Ri’s pregnancy happened because viewers have a lot of interest in the drama. Its nonsense.”

There you go guys, Yoon Se Ri is not pregnant. This comes after people speculated the two were dating due to tvN posting another behind-the-scenes video of the drama shooting. Agencies have denied yet again that they were dating.

What do you think of this?


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