Was Roy Kim Life’s Ruined Over False Accusations Of His Involvement In Jung Joon Young Chatroom? New Reporter Sheds Light And Agency Responds

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Roy Kim could be described as one of the most unfortunate idols after this revelation!

On February 24 episode of Channel A show “Rumor Has It,” a female reporter dropped a bombshell. She reported that while some celebrities repent on their actions because they’re in the wrong, there are also many who were merely caught in unfortunate situations. She named Roy Kim as one of the celebrities who were falsely accused and slandered by the media.

According to the reporter, Roy Kim was only part of the fishing chatroom with Jung Joon Young and Choi Joong Hoon, the reason behind why he shared a pornographic image was because there was a photoshopped pornographic image of a celebrity being shared in the chatroom.

Roy Kim then fetched the original blog image and posted it to the chatroom to say ‘this is not the person,’ and this was what he was charged for.

The reporter added that despite not getting penalized, the fact that he was investigated caused severe irreparable damage to his image which is why he’s inactive right now. The reporter closed her comment with,

“I just wanted to make sure the story was told.”

Following the reporter remarks, Roy Kim fans went crazy, as you’d expect. They began demanding he takes strict legal action against the Korean news outlets that tried to paint him as the bad guy and against the ones who ruined his image.

This was followed by a statement from his agency, Stone Music Entertainment, they confirmed that the screenshot he took was of a blog image and he shared it to the KakaoTalk chatroom.

They added,

“Roy Kim is repenting and regrets that he acted rashly because he did not realize a crime could be committed in case of the spread of pornography, regardless of intention.

However, we want to make sure to emphasize that the KakaoTalk chatroom that Roy Kim was a part of was a different chatroom that has become the issue.”

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