Veteran Idol Oh Jong Hyuk Announces His Marriage Plans

Veteran Idol Oh Jong Hyuk from Click-B is getting married!

Oh Jong Hyuk agency DSP Media released a statement to the press on February 5. They announced the idol plans on tying the knot in May of 2020 to his non-celebrity girlfriend.

Oh Jong Hyuk had previously revealed he was in a relationship in November of 2019 on the talk show “Video Star.” It’s been reported that he had been preparing for his wedding since the end of last year. The wedding will be held in Gangnam, Seoul.

Oh Jong Hyuk has become the third member of Click-B to get married. He debuted in 1999 along with his group. Recently, he has been focusing on solo activities appearing in dramas such as “Healer,” and films such as “Cheese in the Trap” and “Musudan,” as well as many musicals.

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