The Reasons Why YouTube Keeps Deleting Views From BTS MVs Despite Fans’ Best Efforts To Stream Correctly

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Over the past 24 hours, ARMYs have been doing their best to get a response from YouTube regarding the deleted views from “ON” MV to no avail.

The MV has reportedly lost at least 67 million views, other screenshots show that it lost 98 million views but the validity of the screenshot has not been confirmed, fans captured these specific screenshots from a realtime views tracker website.

Regardless, what fans are sure of is that there is no way “ON” only recorded 44.2 million views in its first 24 hours, it’s a great record but nowhere near the numbers they pulled with their last comeback in 2019. YouTube is yet to release the official number as of this writing.

“Boy With Luv” MV recorded 74.6 million views in the first 24 hours. Fans can’t believe that “ON” recorded nearly half of those views in 24 hours despite fans’ best efforts to stream correctly and despite the fandom considerable growth.

What could be the cause of such a huge view loss in “ON” MV? YouTube had given an answer to that a while ago.

In April of 2019, YouTube deleted 10 million views from “Boy With Luv” which prompted fans to trend hashtags demanding a response from the platform which they eventually gave.

They responded to a couple of fans’ comments on their tweets, here is what they told fans,

“It’s normal for the public view count to adjust as our systems validate and remove views that aren’t real or accurate. Views of “Boy With Luv” were so unprecedented that live estimates couldn’t keep up with our systems! It may still fluctuate as our systems get through the views.”


“That’s not exactly how it works! When views are really high, the public view count that you see doesn’t often keep up with our backend systems. As a result, the public view count may adjust at a later time once the two catch up with each other. That’s what happened in this case!”

Taking a look at their blog, here is how they validate views,

“We want to make sure that videos are viewed by actual humans and not computer programs. It takes our systems some time to determine which views are legitimate views, and which aren’t. During the first few hours that your video is published, we may not show all legitimate views while our system works.

After legitimate views are counted, your view count should update more frequently. The amount of time this takes varies depending on a video’s popularity and viewership. Keep in mind that we’re constantly validating views, so view count can always be adjusted.”

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So there you have it, YouTube’s explanation as to why they keep deleting views.

What do you think of this?

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  1. BTS have achieved so much that I no longer care out breaking any YouTube record or anything. All I care about is their health and happiness! Views don’t show how successful a person is just how popular a song may be or how dedicated the fans are to stream I guess. I never liked streaming a MV I just listen to the song on spotify and enjoy the art of music!

  2. I dont believe what youtube has told us is the supposed “reason” behind almost a hundred million views just suddenly disappearing of the LIVE COUNT, and j do believe the only numbers that go onto the live count are pretty validated views, meaning they have already been counted as true viewers and not bots. I am thoroughly disgusted with youtube and believe that this is another way that the world’s biggest powers are attempting to stop BTS’S inevitable climb to being the best there will be in a long time. Youtube has done it, how much longer till another major platform plots against our boys.

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