The Most Hated Korean Celebrity Couple, A Married Father Who Cheated On His Wife And Admitted It Proudly In Front Of The Press

While celebrity relationships are often the topic of discussion, Korean actors confirming their relationships usually get less flack than young idols who have a strong young fan base. However, in this case, despite being an actress-director couple who’s been around for a long time, the news wasn’t welcome.

Actress Kim Min Hee is one of the most talented Korean actresses out there, she focuses mostly on films, but her career took a sudden dip after it was rumored that she was having an affair with director Hong Sang Soo. Some of her previous boyfriends are now top Korean actors including actors Jo In Sung and Lee Soo Hyuk.

they met on the set of the 2015 film and had worked together on a total of 7 films since then. In March of 2017, at the Seoul premiere of “On the Beach at Night Alone,” the director was asked to clarify his relationship with Kim Min Hee, he said,

“We’re two people in love. Our love is genuine and sincere.”

Kim Min Hee said,

“We are dating with sincere feelings of love.”

They evoked a lot of criticism for directly admitting to the affair in front of the press. Its an unprecedented move that no other Korean couple has publicly

The story gets more interesting. The director has been trying to get divorced from his wife for the longest time. However, he is still legally married to her. He hasn’t been able to get a divorce.

The reason is the way the Korean law treats men/women who have extramarital affairs, according to the court, a cheating husband cannot divorce his wife, only the injured party can initiate a legal separation, the wife refuses to divorce the husband.

This led to a legal drawn-out battle between Hong Sang Soo and his wife.

Hong Sang Soo filed for divorce on November 27 of 2016, and according to the last update as of June 2019, the court denied his request to divorce his wife, again.

They are still one of the most hated celebrity couple if not the most, netizens didn’t like how they brazenly continue to have an affair despite the circumstances. Kim Min Hee is also getting hate for still pursuing a married man.

The couple was in the news again a couple of days ago, it was confirmed that they will attend Berlin International Film Festival for an unreleased movie called “The Woman Who Ran,” which is also starring his mistress Kim Min Hee.

And that’s the controversial story of Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo.

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What do you think of the story? Do you think they deserve backlash?

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