The Heartbreaking Reason Behind Why TWICE Nayeon Cried During TXT’s Performance

A video of TWICE Nayeon crying during TXT’s performance has gone viral!

A short fancam from the 2019 MAMA has been gaining attention recently. The fancam is of ONEUS‘s reaction to TXT‘s “Run Away” performance, but TWICE Nayeon’s reaction in the background was what attracted attention.

Spotted behind Xion, Nayeon became emotional watching the performance. Nayeon was breathing deeply trying to calm herself and tried hard to suppress her tears from coming out. She couldn’t do that and she started crying, so she grabbed a tissue.

Fans think they know what was going on and why Nayeon became emotional during the performance. TXT’s song “Run Away” is about fighting and holding on to achieve happiness, it must’ve reminded Nayeon of everything that has been happening with her lately.

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At the time of the award show, Nayeon had become aware of her stalker, Mina was also absent due to health issues, and Jihyo couldn’t stay with the group throughout the ceremony because she was feeling sick. She has been going through a lot.

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Check out the fancam below:

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