“The Coronavirus Is Moving,” Chungha Receives Hateful Racist Comment During Milan Fashion Week

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Fans are furious after one man said an awful racist and hateful comment about Chungha at a fashion show.

Chungha is among the Kpop starts who departed to Milan recently to attend fashion shows, she recently attended a fashion show, one Italian man who happened to be at the location proceeded to roast Chungha with a blatantly ignorant racist comment.

UPDATE: [BREAKING] Two of Chungha’s Staff Members Test Positive For Coronavirus, Chungha Tests Negative But In Self-Isolation

The man uploaded a photo of Chungha to his Instagram and captioned,

“The coronavirus is moving.”

According to fan accounts, the photo was deleted after fans found out and mass-reported his account, but then was re-uploaded without a caption only to be removed again.

Fan accounts dedicated to Chungha began posting about the photo, fans left comments such as,

This is next level. People nowadays smh

Why are people so stupid?

Welcome to Italian racism

I’m Italian and this is so embarrassing.

Byulharangs, this person has posted a very racist and harmful story regarding Chungha. We would like to ask everyone to report the account and story.

“The corona virus is moving” (Translation courtesy of @ChunghaItalia) @ChunghaProtect https://t.co/hw2ziUyxga pic.twitter.com/w5hA5cdPxu

— CHUNGHA GLOBAL (@ChunghaGlobal) February 21, 2020

Fans also reported that his photos were being drowned by critical comments of his actions; he eventually disabled comments on his instagram account.

What do you think of this?

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