Taeyeon And Super Junior Kindly Invite Ha Sung Woon To Their Table And Cutely Celebrate His Win During Award Show


Fans are super happy about Taeyeon and Super Junior interactions with Ha Sung Woon.

The 2020 Seoul Music Awards were held a couple of days ago, many instances from the events made headlines, and this is another story about one of them.

During the show, fans noticed that Ha Sung Woon was sitting at a table alone after the idols who sat with him had left, he looked lonely and fans felt bad about it.

Taeyeon who was sitting across the table from him noticed that, she kept glancing at him and then asked Eunhyuk if they could invite him to come over and sit at the same table with them which he did.

Ha Sung Woon was greeted warmly by his sunbaes at the table, when his name was announced as the winner of “Dance Performance Award,” the Super Junior members stood up and cheered on enthusiastically, Taeyeon also cheered on but couldn’t stop laughing at how extra Super Junior members were.

Netizens are praising Super Junior and Taeyeon for their kind actions, a video of all of this was posted by a fan to YouTube and its gaining many positive comments.

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Check out the video below:

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