SM Deny Fans’ Request To Kick Out Chen From EXO In An Official Statement

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SM Entertainment has finally issued a response regarding the current situation of EXO and Chen’s activities in the group!

Some Korean EXO-Ls have been demanding Chen be kicked out from the group following his sudden marriage and baby news, they claimed he negatively affected the group and hurt their reputation.

A group of fans even held physical protests to force SM to give them a response and they finally did, but they’re probably not going to like it!

On February 20, SM Entertainment released an official response about EXO’s future activities; they explain they have ‘prioritized the members’ opinions regarding important matters’ which also includes their future activities.

SM stated that before announcing Chen’s marriage news, there was a discussion exchanged between the members,

“All the EXO members have experienced the pain of members leaving; they have expressed their intention to want to continue together, thus there will be no changes in EXO’s lineup.”

SM added that as more members enlist, EXO will focus on solo and sub unit activities, they closed their statement with,

“EXO members will continue to work hard in various ways as EXO, solo artists, and units; they will repay the love of fans.

We will also do our best to support EXO and members’ growth in every aspect.

Thank You!”

Real Fans were over the moon when reading SM’s statement, they’re happy SM is standing up to Chen refusing to let go of him. Chen issued an apology last night for his marriage and baby announcement this past January.

EXO-Ls trended multiple hashtags to celebrate SM’s statement, #ChenWins and #EXOLStandWith9 topped worldwide trends on twitter.

What do you think of SM’s statement?

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  1. Very good decision by SM I don’t consider them as fans who can’t see happiness of their idol I know it hurts but still let them enjoyed their kife

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