Red Velvet Wendy Makes First Personal Update Two Months After Her Frightening Fall

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Red Velvet Wendy has a sweet message she wants to share with fans!

On February 21, Red Velvet Wendy took to her personal Instagram account to share photos of herself and messages to her fans.

This is the first time Wendy has ever made a public statement in almost two months following her scary fall on December 25. Wendy was injured during rehearsals for 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon, which resulted in injuries to her face and fractures in her right pelvis and right wrist. Since then, she was hospitalized and halted all activities to focus on fully recovering.

She wrote two posts, one in Korean and another one in English expressing her love for her fans. She also updated fans on her road to recovery. Her update delighted fans who had been very worried about her health.

Her message in English reads as follows:

Dear our ReVeluv,

“Hello everyone, it’s Wendy!

Missed me much? It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded my latest post. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the love and support you have shared with me on my birthday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also, I’m recovering very well, thanks to all of our ReVeluv.

As I said during my Instagram live, I won’t be going anywhere but always singing right next to you as Wendy. I hope to see you all soon on stage!

Thanks to you all, our Reveluv, for coming into my life and taking a huge part of my journey. Miss you lots. Muahh”

Wishing you a speedy recovery Wendy!

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