Popular Female Idols Who Found Huge Success When They Switched To Acting

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Kpop idols are known for being trained in many aspects prior to their debut, they learn about a lot of things, from singing, to dancing and even acting. This is why many idols end up being cast in a drama after their debut.

Entertainment agencies usually prepare idols and even offer acting lessons. And many idols end up going the acting route and sometimes they become known for being successful actors.

Today, we’re taking a look at some popular female idols who found huge success whey they switched to acting.


IU has begun acting a long time ago. While many had a couple of things to point out about her acting in early projects, she developed and worked hard on herself to be taken seriously as an actress.

Now, IU has become one of the very few idols who lead equally successful singing and acting careers. She’s known for being part of many hit dramas such as “Hotel Del Luna,” “My Mister,” “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” and many more.

Her most recent comeback also broke many records proving her status as one of the most successful solo female singers in South Korea.


Many people actually got to know Suzy through her dramas, and many thought she was a soloist or just an actress.

While in JYP, she debuted in the popular girl group “Miss A,” besides being busy promoting as a part of the popular girl group, she also took on many drama projects to varying degrees of success at first.

She worked hard on herself and improved her acting throughout the years; she recently took part in the hit blockbuster drama “Vagabond,” and the hit movie “Ashfall.”

Apink Eunji

Eunji is part of one of the biggest and oldest currently promoting girl groups; she’s also a terrific actress who found huge success in acting.

She’s been in many productions, most notably in the hit tvN series “Reply 1997,” and since then has went on to lead many kdramas such as “Trot Lovers”, “Cheer Up!”, and “Untouchable.”

Her group Apink has been around for almost 9 years which is very rare for a girl group in the Kpop industry, their most recent comeback in 2019 was a smashing success as well.


Krystal is another popular idol who managed to transition to acting successfully. She debuted as a part of the SM group f(x) and has been focusing on acting for a while following the group’s hiatus.

She’s been in many dramas which achieved varying degrees of success; some of her most notable works include “The Heirs,” “The Bride of Habaek,” and “Prison Playbook.”


YoonA is known for being a part of one of the biggest most successful girl groups of all time, Girls’ Generation. And besides working hard promoting with her group and its sub-units, she managed to successfully transition into acting.

She’s been in many productions since her debut as an actress in 2007, and has recently been in a hit movie in 2019 called “EXIT” that managed to surpass the 9 million moviegoers becoming one of the best performing films in South Korea that year.


Uee is another idol who excels at acting. She’s originally a part of the girl group After School, but she’s been acting and focusing on solo activities for a very long time.

Since she started acting in 2009, she’s been in many successful dramas; she’s one of the very few idol-actresses who don’t mind doing long dramas. She’s been in the hit weekend drama “My Only One” which ran for 106 episodes, the drama was a smashing success and one of the highest rated dramas of 2019, it also ended up winning many awards at the 2019 KBS drama awards.

What do you think of the list? Do you have any other female idol to add to this list?

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