Park Seo Joon “Itaewon Class” Becomes The Second Highest Rated JTBC Drama Of All Time

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Park Seo Joon drama “Itaewon Class” is doing exceptionally well in ratings!

“Itaewon Class” popularity has been on the rise ever since it premiered last month. “Itaewon Class” premiered with a good rating, an average of 4.9% nationwide for its first episode and has only continued to do better with each episode.

February 22 broadcast of “Itaewon Class” saw the best results of the series so far. According to Nielsen Korea, “Itaewon Class” 6th episode rated an average of 12.56% nationwide and 13.99% in Seoul making it the second highest-rated JTBC drama of all time only behind the immensely successful “SKY Castle.”

JTBC dramas have been noticing a sharp increase in popularity over the past couple of years, the cable network continues to make interesting dramas that appeal to the public and their latest hit is “Itaewon Class.”

But that is not the only record “Itaewon Class” broke with its recent episodes, “Itaewon Class” is now the 8th highest-rated cable drama of all time.

As the plot thickens, “Itaewon Class” ratings are expected to go up in the coming weeks, “Itaewon Class” is only in its 6th episode and they still have 10 more to go which means they could end up breaking even more rating records.

Have you been keeping up with “Itaewon Class”? What do you think of it?

My personal thoughts

I just watched “Itaewon Class” and to be honest, I find I fun. Its not the best kdrama I’ve ever seen but there are elements that make it special. The center plot is corny and repetitive because its yet another drama about a low-class hero fighting a conglomerate, but the characters and their chemistry is keeping me tuned.

I didn’t expect “Itaewon Class” to become this big, but I guess people are really interested in the drama more than I thought they would. Park Seo Joon is, after all, a great actor who chooses interesting projects. Not to mention the supporting cast, they’re all amazing and I love how different and vibrant they are.

I plan on making a review of the first half of “Itaewon Class” that will be out next week so stay tuned for that.

I can’t wait to see what more records “Itaewon Class” breaks in the future. I think it can reach 20% if it kept up the pace.

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