Netizens Petition Against Allowing IZ*ONE To Promote Their Comeback On “Music Bank”


Looks like some people have nothing better to do than to interrupt a girl group from promoting on a music show.

On February 14 broadcast of KBS2’s ‘Music Bank,’ the show teased fans with a preview of IZ*ONE’s comeback stage next week. IZ*ONE is scheduled to make their comeback on the 17th with their regular album ‘Bloom IZ’.

Unfortunately, not everyone was happy about that, some netizens are protesting the group’s comeback stage on the music show; they started a formal petition via KBS’s official viewer rights and requests center. As of this writing, the petition has amassed more than 4300 signatures. KBS is affiliated under the Korean government.

The petition cites that the group was formed through manipulation and is now carrying on with promotions as if nothing happened. The petitioner argues,

“If a group that blatantly manipulated voting appears on public broadcast it sends a message to society that it’s ok to commit corruption.”

Reactions to articles about the petition are mixed, some think it’s not okay for a rigged group like IZ*ONE to promote on TV while others are against the petition citing that IZ*ONE were not the ones who manipulated the votes.

What do you think of the petition?


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