Nam Taehyun Deeply Worries Fans For Drinking And Crying On Instagram While Apologizing Repeatedly


Nam Taehyun mental state is deeply worrying everyone!

Nam Taehyun recently went live on Instagram but fans noticed he wasn’t himself, and his actions during that only worried them even more.

TW//mental health, suicidal thoughts

He was drinking, smoking and crying while talking to fans. Fans noticed that he was having trouble uttering words. He apologized over and over again to fans and talked about his struggles.

According to fan accounts, he said that the company thinks his band not good enough and he blames himself for that. He also talked about being alone and feeling stuck when writing music. He asked fans over and over again,

“Please like our music.”

He also said,

“I am terrified of tomorrow coming.”

He also showed notes of papers he wrote, he says he deserves to be blamed for the rest of his life. He talked about watching Kurt Cobain documentary and says he’s been taking medication. Fans have been noticing that he didn’t look like himself for the past couple of times he went live on Instagram and have been raising their concerns.

Nam Taehyun has been vocal about his mental health struggles previously. He even admitted to having attempted to take his own life in a post a couple of months ago when news of his close friend Sulli passing was released.

Nam Taehyun lost two good friends Sulli and Goo Hara within a month of each other. Fans and nonfans alike are deeply worried about his well-being, various accounts have been trying to get people’s attention to Nam Taehyun, they’re asking fans to leave nice comments on his Instagram posts.

Fans also used the hashtag #AlwaysHereForTaehyun on twitter, they’re using it to encourage more people to show support for him. We hope he’s okay!


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