Kpop Idol Shocks Fans Announcing Divorce From His Wife After Less Than Two Years Of Marriage


Kpop Idol DJ DOC’s Lee Ha Neul shocked fans when announcing he had gotten divorced from his non-celebrity wife.

The news was a shock because the two had tied the knot less than two years ago after dating for 11 years. Many fans had believed the two would last together because they dated for such a long time.

On February 24, Lee Ha Neul’s agency released a statement announcing the divorce. In their statement, they expressed their apologies for sharing such unfortunate news adding,

“After careful consideration, the two decided to end their marriage, and after an amicable agreement, they decided to go through the divorce process and support each other on their own paths.”

The agency asked fans to avoid spreading false facts and speculations about the divorce as its Lee Ha Neul’s personal matter.

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