Korean EXO-L ACE Still Believe They Control SM And EXO, Demand Chen’s Departure From The Group AGAIN In A New Statement


Korean EXO-L ACE aren’t done, yet!

A couple of days ago, EXO fans from all around the world were happy to hear great news from SM. SM released an official statement announcing that Chen will not be kicked out from the group despite some fans’ protests and demands.

Chen had released a new apology letter to fans prior to SM’s announcement. The statement was met with great feedback from the majority of fans who were happy to learn that SM will not be pushing Chen aside due to some ‘EXO-Ls’ crazy demands, however, some Korean EXO-Ls were NOT happy with the news.

Despite SM’s clear statement, the now-infamous EXO-L ACE has released a second statement in which they continue to demand Chen’s departure from EXO. Their statement was posted to their twitter account

They claim SM’s statement treats the fans as ‘unimportant third party’ and demand many things besides kicking out Chen from the group such as regulating EXO’s name and reputation in search engines, guarantee future group activities and demanding an ‘acceptable re-feedback.’

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Check out the full statement below:

On the other hand, there are many international EXO fandoms who continue to show their unwavering support for Chen. The majority of the fandom don’t understand why EXO-L ACE refuse to give up.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I think it’s ridiculous the way they are acting. Korean fans need to learn to respect their idols. They have a right to live their life. Idols are not objects they are people.


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