Johyun Faces Backlash For Insinuating That Chinese People Should Be Banned From Entering South Korea


Idol Johyun is involved in controversy over something she recently shared to social media.

With the coronavirus spreading fast in South Korea, celebrities have donated money and spoken up encouraging people to take care and be cautious. While idol Johyun might’ve had the best intentions with her recent Instagram update, it sparked a lot of backlash from netizens.

On February 25, she posted to social media about the coronavirus, ‘let’s overcome the coronavirus,’ attached was a screenshot of an article that suggested banning entry to China. The article says to focus on Koreans first before taking any other measures.

That apparently didn’t sit well with some k-netizens, some of them thought she was supporting the article content which caused her a lot of backlash. After seeing so many negative reactions, she released a statement asking people to stop,

“I know you’re free to think about it, but I had no ill intentions.

What does it matter if I say I was sincerely worried, you’re too busy ripping me into pieces? just live a healthy life and I’d like nothing bad to happen to you.

There are people who are going through things that aren’t fair, why are you overthinking it?”

The anger didn’t subside, so Johyun released another statement, she added that she only related to the last sentence of the article [lets save the Koreans first]. She says she has no knowledge about the person who wrote that article, she apologized as well,

“So please stop judging me so hard. I didn’t mean harm. I apologize.”

As of this writing, the number of coronavirus cases in South Korea has risen to 1766.

Do you think she deserves backlash?

My Personal Thoughts

I don’t think she meant to be racist…. also, many countries around the world are banning its people from going to China, that’s the logical approach to this mess that could’ve been easily controlled if China had been more upfront about the virus when it appeared in November of 2019, but it’s too late to pass the blame game now.

The easiest way to control the virus right now would be to ban any nation’s people from traveling to places where the virus is heavily spread. And even this approach is flawed because it’s already everywhere, they should’ve done this sooner so we wouldn’t be in this mess. What’s bugging me is that thousands of lives could’ve been saved if nations reacted more seriously.

As far as I know, as of this writing, China banned its people from going to South Korea, but I think the decision was announced last night after she uploaded that post.

I think it’s sad that Kpop idols cannot express their political opinions even in the slightest, and get severe backlash if they ever say something that 99.9% of the population don’t agree with. If you don’t like the snippet of the article she shared, then just stop supporting her and move on….



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