Jeon Somi Defends The Black Label After A Fan Criticizes Them For Not Promoting Her Properly

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Jeon Somi has responded to a fan who criticized her agency, The Black Label, for not promoting her properly.

Jeon Somi moved to The Black Label after leaving JYP Entertainment in 2018 and has released her debut track “Birthday” on June 13 of 2019, that marked her only musical release since joining the new agency.

Jeon Somi hasn’t been as active as fans believe she should be, after many had high expectations from The Black Label, many began criticizing them for not promoting her properly.

Jeon Somi did update fans about a possible comeback in August of 2019, but not much has come out of it. She also had fans guessing when she shared a photo with her labelmate Zion.T in the studio but no confirmation of a possible collab has come out of it.

It seems that one fan wanted to express how much they dislike the label for not promoting her as much as they should be; the fan wrote this comment on one of her recent Instagram posts,

“I can’t believe i used to like the black label & though they’re different and will promote somi properly but now i hate this company so much.”

Jeon Somi responded to that comment with a simple, “yo chill.”

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내가 운전대를 잡으면 모두가 비상사태..겠지.?

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What do you think of Jeon Somi’s response? Do you think she’s being promoted properly?

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