iKON Bobby Worries Fans After Saying He Got Bruises Due To Intense “Dive” Choreography

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iKON Bobby has been speaking up about how tough and intense their choreography for their title song is and its worrying fans.

iKON has been doing promotions for their latest comeback appearing on various music shows and much more. However, fans noticed that Bobby’s knees looked purple and were likely bruised.

iKON’s title track “Dive” has an intense choreography and Jinhwan must sit on Bobby’s shoulder during the choreography. In a recent V Live, Bobby told fans he’s got bruises.

This is why some fans began trending hashtags asking YG to change the choreography to something a bit simpler since Bobby has been hurting because of how intense it is.

One fan compiled footage of instances where Jinhwan has to stand on the top of Bobby’s shoulders, check it out below:

YG has not addressed this situation yet, stay tuned for possible updates!

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