Hyun Bin Unable To Film For His Upcoming Movie After Jordan Bans All South Koreans From Entering Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

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The Coronavirus Outbreak that’s spreading in South Korea is causing many events, concerts, films screenings and more to either postpone or cancel altogether.

South Korea has been put on the highest alert after more and more cases began being reported on the matter. As of this writing, the total of cases has risen to 833 and caused 8 fatalities-so far. South Korea has become the second most infected country with the virus following China.

Hyun Bin almost immediately confirmed his comeback plans after “Crash Landing On You” was finished. He was set to come back with a movie alongside Hwang Jung Min. Jordan was one of the countries the shooting was supposed to take place.

However, Jordan has banned Koreans from entering the country due to the virus causing the upcoming movie filming plans to be halted. The distributor stated that the ban took effect last evening and the staff is at a loss for what to do.

They’re currently discussing the situation and have no clear answer to give the press yet. They stated they will do their best to ensure filming goes without issues. Filming was originally scheduled for late March and part of the production crew had already gone to Jordan to prepare.

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Stay tuned for updates!

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My Personal Thoughts

I don’t think its time to film anything with all honesty. I am keeping a close eye on the cases reported for the virus but its looking grim, very grim!

I predict shooting for kdramas will also soon be canceled; it’s also a gathering of a large crowd to get things done. Its an issue with life or death and its not time to play games or attempt to do stuff that you would do regularly as if there weren’t a serious virus infecting people all around the world.

And because we’re all connected there is no way we can avoid spreading the virus. I believe the production company should just halt the shooting because I think more countries in the Middle East as well as everywhere else will begin restricting people from traveling/coming to South Korea and China.

I hope everyone takes good care of themselves during this difficult time.

By Hilda Moore

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