How YG Managed To Anger Fans Enough To Make Them Trend Hashtags Demanding A BLACKPINK Comeback, Again


BLINKs are not happy about YG’s recent announcement so much so that they’re trending hashtags to assert their demands, again!

Not too long ago, YG confirmed that BLACKPINK is working on new music but added it would be difficult to confirm details about when the comeback is happening, its something the fandom has been demanding for the longest time.

Fans hearts almost dropped two days ago when YG released an announcement that sounded so promising at first only to end up disappointing eager fans. YG shared a sneak preview of BLACKPINK’s upcoming collectible figurine line in partnership with ‘Jazwares,’ something that fans didn’t expect and many of them were disappointed by this announcement when they had been expecting details about BLACKPINK’s next comeback.

On February 22, YG shared a sneak peek of Lisa’s figurine, the comment section under their tweet was filled with his hashtag: #YGWEWANTBLACKPINKCOMEBACK. Fans spammed the comment section with their thoughts on BLACKPINK delayed comeback and the way YG has been ignoring their demands and instead of releasing a figurine line.

Fans are trying to trend this hashtag hoping it would reach YG’s team.

Here are some of their tweets:

What do you think of this situation?


  1. Dont get me wrong i want the dolls but in all fainess in they shouldve benn free with album one random one You aint doing shit to promote your one cash making group im sorry but at least when YG himself was running stuff we got a world tour a tv show and at least some music YG Ent will go under if u dont start using more than one producer for everyone and let Blackpink produce a few songs of their own dammit Ya coulda given us Roses solo shes admitted its finished like with Jennie we would all support her.


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