How Malicious Akgae Fans Of BTS Doxxed Reporters Forcing Them To Delete Articles About Jimin

Malicious Akgae Fans (fans who like one member of a group but dislike other members) have been trying to damage Jimin’s image and make sure any articles about him aren’t written by Korean reporters.

As previously reported, a bunch of Akgae Fans had a private group chat where they discussed ways to damage Jimin and make sure he doesn’t get the attention he deserves. A BTS fan exposed them by uploading screenshots of their chat group, the tweet went viral.

The subject of discussion was focused on one article written by OSEN that highlights Jimin’s performance for “Black Swan,’ the group of Akgae Fans tried to harass the reporter and dox him to force him to edit the article and exclude all mention of Jimin.

They were successful, the article was edited a couple of hours later to delete any specific mention of Jimin, ARMY were furious after finding out about this instance. It’s been reported that they have been actively doxxing other reporters who write specific articles about Jimin, sharing information about them, their names and their emails.

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