How BTS V’s Innocent Conversation About Fan-Edits Became About Him Being Naked In Photoshoots


BTS V has been having too much fun interacting with fans on Weverse and we’re here for it!

BTS V is known for spending time on Weverse interacting with fans through comments, sometimes he replies cutely, other times he’s completely savage.

On February 10, BTS V left an innocent comment on a fans’ edit of his recent teaser photos of their upcoming comeback, but it quickly took a perverted turn as it turns out the fan misunderstood BTS V.

The fan posted an edited photo of BTS V’s in priest attire, BTS V commented,

“Is it possible to do something like this? It really feels like I won’t have to wear costumes for photo shoots…”

It seems that the fan misinterpreted the comment because she replied with,

“If you don’t.. Well, I’ll be thankful…. But wouldn’t it be better to wear them [referring to clothes in general] ..?”

BTS V had the most epic reply, he said,

“Excuse me [the fan nickname], what are you thinking about? I said not wearing costumes but I’ll still be wearing my plain clothes….

What do you mean by being thankful…

You’re funnyㅋㅋ”

The fan apparently understood that her mind went somewhere else; the fan commented that they thought he meant not wearing any clothes. BTS V savagely added,

“Why don’t you take the first and last letters of your name away, your thoughts are insane.”

You can check out the thread about this below:

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This is a play on words because if the fan removed the first and last of their nickname, they’ll end up with something that’ll mean ‘crazy.’

What do you think of V’s response?


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