How BTS V Unintentionally Fueled Taekook Shippers Imagination After Saying This About Jungkook

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Known for being on Weverse regularly, BTS V sure does a lot to communicate with fans and that results in a lot of epic and hilarious comments, ranging from funny to cute and sometimes, savage.

Around November of 2019, BTS V ended all Taekook shippers with his comment on a fan’s post on Weverse, however, it seems that this time, he fueled Taekook shippers with his comments on Weverse, unintentionally.

One fan left a comment on Weverse asking where Jungkook is and what he’s doing, the fan wrote,

“Jungkook, what are you doing right now?”

BTS V responded with,

“Sleeping next to me.”

While the comment is innocent, some Taekook shippers couldn’t help but think otherwise which fueled their imagination, we highly doubt BTS V intended that of course.

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‘Taekook Shippers’ is a term used by BTS fans to refer to fans of BTS who ship members of the group together (in this case V and Jungkook) and wish they’d end up dating IRL/believe they’re in love with each other.

What do you think of V’s response?

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