Great Kdramas You Didn’t Realize Had No Kiss Scenes


The majority of kdramas have kiss scenes in them, in fact, it’s almost a given that the leads end up kissing at least once and its something that kdramas usually hype up.

However, there happens to be some kdramas that don’t feature kiss scenes. Ranging from horror to realistic, these kdramas thought it wasn’t necessary or appropriate to add a kiss scene.

So today, we’ll be sharing great kdramas that don’t have kiss scenes in them.

Note: I have strayed away from murder psychopath dramas or dramas that are about crime investigation in general, since these dramas usually focus on a purpose rather than a romantic ending.

This is not a comprehensive list.

“Mirror Of The Witch”

“Mirror Of The Witch” is a historical drama that tells the story of a cursed young girl who was born as a princess but was left abandoned deep in the mountains, there she meets a man named Heo Jun.

Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon led the drama. Their large age gap attracted fans who wondered how the drama will turn out.

The drama was released back in 2016, back then Kim Sae Ron was 16 years old, 14 years younger than Yoon Si Yoon who; back then, was 30 years old.

Mindful of the age gap, it seems like the writer and director chose to avoid a kiss scene, many fans also felt that it would be uncomfortable to watch a 16 year old kiss a 30 year old.

“School 2015”

“Who Are You: School 2015” also known as “School 2015” is another installment of the very successful KBS series titled “School” which launched many Korean actors and actresses to success.

In “School 2015” Kim So Hyun puts on one of her best performances challenging two different characters, the highschool drama is a fan-favorite.

Kim So Hyun shared the screen with Nam Joo Hyuk and BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae, the two fought for the lead’s love.

There is a kiss scene in the drama, however, it’s not something that can be practically called a kiss scene, Yook Sung Jae gives Kim So Hyun a kiss on the cheek.

 “Liar Game”

“Liar Game” is based on the manga series of the same title written by Shinobu Kaitani, the manga has been adapted to hit Japanese dramas and was adapted to a movie as well.

The Korean version of the manga is equally intriguing and entertaining, it stars Lee Sang Yoon, Kim So Eun and Shin Sung Rok. Lee Sang Yoon and Kim So Eun face against Shin Sung Rok to win the game.

There are some sweet moments between Lee Sang Yoon and Kim So Eun but during the drama course their relationship doesn’t develop into a romantic one.

The drama was received well by international fans who want to know what happens next, many fans would like the drama to return with a second season, they also want the relationship with Lee Sang Yoon and Kim So Eun’s characters to develop from teammates into lovers.

“7 First Kisses”

Unlike the title, there aren’t actually any first kisses.

Actress Lee Cho Hee shared the screen with not one or two or three but with 7 very handsome Korean actors, a role that we bet other actresses would’ve killed for.

EXO’s Kai, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, Taecyeon, Lee Joon Gi, Lee Jong Suk, and Park Hae Jin are the 7 men who share the screen with her.

All the 7 men meet and fall in love with Lee Cho Hee’s character who’s an employee at Lotte Duty-Free, despite its title “7 First Kisses” the drama doesn’t have kisses but near-kiss-scenes.

The lead actress struggles to choose between the 7 great men she meets, I think we can all agree that she saved her country in her previous life.

“Missing 9”

“Missing 9” is one of the very few Kdramas ever made that are strictly about survival when disaster strikes.

“Missing 9” tells the story of 9 people from a huge entertainment company who fly an airplane that ends up crashing, four months later, Baek Jin Hee’s character returns as the only survivor of this crash.

The police get involved and try their best to help her regain her memory in order to find the remaining 8 people.

The drama didn’t have many romantic moments, Baek Jin Hee and Jung Kyoung Ho almost kiss in the final episode but get interrupted by their friends in one of the most unrealistic endings of all kdramas.

“Chief Kim”

“Chief Kim” is a drama about underdogs that manages to triumph the bad guys.

Namgoong Min takes on the role of someone who managed money for gangs, by accident he gets hired as a chief of an accounting department for TQ Company.

His heart becomes soft and in a funny twist of events fights against corruption and irrationality in the company trying to save not only his life but the rest of the people who work at the company as well.

Namgoong Min is paired with Junho of 2PM and Nam Sang Mi, however, his character relationship with Nam Sang Mi’s never develops into a romantic one.

The drama focuses on fighting for justice, it made fans laugh and many preferred the bromance between Junho and Namgoong Min to the possible romance that never took off.

Junho and Namgoong Min ended up winning Best Couple Award at KBS 2017 Drama Awards.


“Misaeng” is regarded as one of the greatest tvN dramas of all time and for a good reason.

The drama isn’t about romance but about broken people, people who struggle to get by with so little, people who try the best they can with the resources they have.

Im Siwan puts on his best performance as Jang Geu Rae, someone who failed to become a professional Go player, he finds job as an intern at a big company and struggles.

The drama is 20 episodes long but never once fans felt like there was need for romance, the drama focuses on the harsh reality instead of the usual love triangles.

Im Siwan and Kang So Ra characters relationship never progressed from work-relaed to lovers.

“Psychopath Diary”

Yoon Si Yoon made this list twice with two dramas.

“Psychopath Diary” has a very interesting plot, it’s about a regular office worker who through a series of events loses his memory and comes across a serial killer diary, he starts to believe that he’s the serial killer.

The drama is a fun mix between comedy and thriller, but the romance aspect never truly progressed. Yoon Si Yoon and Jung In Sun keep teasing a possible relationship but never truly progress into one; they remain good friends and colleagues who help out each other when needed.

What’s your favorite drama of this list? Do you know more kdramas that have no kiss scenes? Mention them in the comment section below.



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