GFRIEND Put An End To The Possibility Of A Collaboration With BTS, Here Is Why


GFRIEND members had this to say about a possible collaboration with BTS in the future!

GFRIEND has recently come back with a new mini-album which marks their first since their label Source Music was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment. Bang Si Hyuk has also participated in producing the new album, and since he was heavily involved in the girls’ album, some started wondering if it could ever be possible to see BTS x GFRIEND collaborate.

People had high expectations of the girls and were looking forward to their new music. During the press conference of their comeback, the girls answered all sorts of questions about their album and much more.

Sowon talked about how excited they were to see the head of Big Hit participate in their mini-album,

“All of the staff including Bang PD-nim worked so hard on our album. Especially Bang PD-nim, who took park in the songwriting and overall production. I’m so happy because I felt like they were cheering for us, and I’m looking forward to the future.”

Umji responded to the question about the possible collaboration revealing that the group plans on focusing on their main activities,

“We have no information at all because planning and production are decided through meetings at the company.

We’re under Source Music, so we believe it’s important to work on our own activities for now.”

What did you think of GFRIEND answer? Would you like to see GFRIEND collaborate with BTS?

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