GFRIEND Break Down In Tears While Letting Fans Know Their Fansign Event Was Cancelled The Very Last Minute


GFRIEND members were captured breaking down in front of fans because of their canceled fansign event.

On February 23, GFRIEND was scheduled to hold a fansign in Yangchun. However, Source Music abruptly announced that the fansign was canceled when the fans were already there. The event was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

South Korea is currently under the highest alert (red) as more cases of individuals infected with the coronavirus are being reported. It has become the second most infected country with the virus following China, and the number of cases is on the rise.

Due to this, a lot of events are being canceled the very last minute left and right and one of them was GFRIEND fansign event.

Fans thought the girls were kidding at first when they came up on stage to tell fans the event has been canceled. GFRIEND members were extremely apologetic to the fans who traveled from all places to see them.

Fans who attended the event captured photos of GFRIEND members weeping and apologizing to fans for the cancellation. Fans are upset with Source Music for poorly handling the situation and only alerting fans when many had already arrived at the venue.

Check out photos of the incident:

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