Fans Ask EVERGLOW Agency To Give Better Line Distribution To The Underrated Members After Hearing “DUN DUN”

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EVERGLOW recently had their comeback and fans had many things to say about it!

On February 3 at 6 pm. KST, EVERGLOW came back with the first mini-album “Reminiscence” and a music video for its title track “DUN DUN.”

Fans were in love with the title track and the dance as well, everything from the visuals of the music video to the girls’ performances and the song was praised by fans, however, one thing made many upset and that is the line distribution of the title track.

EVERGLOW’s agency has garnered a reputation already for focusing a lot on one member; Mia; [that is not to say it’s her fault] but fans would like the agency to focus more on other members as well.

Many left comments on the official video of the title track asking EVERGLOW’s agency to give other members more lines in the next comeback, some also pointed out how it’s unfair for one member to sing most of the lines, here are some of their comments:

On the other hand, fans also took notice of the hate Mia has been receiving due to the line distribution and are trying their best to fight back any unnecessary hate directed towards Mia.

Here is the line distribution of the title song:

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What do you think of this?

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  1. What the agency is doing makes people hate on Mia. agency should stop it. we know that she’s the best vocalist of the group but the agency gives her even easier parts of songs witch can be given to other members.

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