EXO Chanyeol Breaks A Huge Instagram Record Becoming The First Male Kpop Idol To Do This


EXO Chanyeol has finally reached 20 million followers on instagram!

The beloved idol has reached a milestone no other male idol has ever been able to do thus far; he reached 20 million followers on Instagram. He achieved this new milestone on February 15.

EXO Chanyeol has become the first-ever male Kpop idol to reach 20 million followers and the fifth Kpop idol to reach 20 million followers following BLACKPINK Jennie (24.3M), Lisa (29.4M), Jisoo and Rose.

Fellow EXO member Sehun could be the next male idol to surpass the 20 million followers mark, he’s currently sitting at 18.3 million followers.

Congratulations to EXO Chanyeol!

note: this article has been corrected to include Jisoo and Rose since they’ve also reached 20 million followers


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