“Crash Landing On You” Shocking Bitter-Sweet Ending, Why Fans Weren’t That Happy With It


“Crash Landing On You” ending is here and fans are happy but also heartbroken!

“Crash Landing On You” episode 16 aired on February 16, the hit tvN drama is now one of the highest-rated cable dramas of all time. Fans celebrated the last episode by trending #CrashLandingOnYouFinale on twitter; they expressed their feelings about the ending.

Let’s talks about “Crash Landing On You” ending and why it has fans split.

Note: major spoilers of episode 16 ahead. This won’t include the full recap but the summary of the last episode most important parts.

“Crash Landing On You” did tease that Gu Seung Jung’s character wasn’t going to have a happy ending most likely and it turned out to be true. At the beginning of the last episode, his character dies in Seo Dan’s arms, but not before confirming that Seo Dan was indeed in love with him.

Their final moments together brought everyone to tears as Seo Dan holds his arms while he takes his last breathe. Seo Dan begs the ambulance man to save him but after he checks his pulse, it’s too late, he’s gone.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, Seri’s pulse goes back to normal and she passes the most difficult phase all while Jeong Hyeok kept his eye on her all the whole time while she recovered and only left when she regained her conscious.

The North and South agreed to an unofficial exchange to avoid too much attention. While exchanging at the borders Seri rushes to the location in her mother’s car, she runs towards Jeong Hyeok to hug him one last time, she refuses to let go of him when she sees his group getting handcuffed, she fears for their safety but he tells her not to worry.

However, Jeong Hyeok and his group get ambushed while on their way back to the North but his father shows up and kills the bad guy who tries to kill his son. The father is happy to see Jeong Hyeok back safely.

On the other hand, Seo Dan is depressed after Gu Seung Jung’s death, while hearing her mom and uncle fight in the living room, she rushes out and lets them know she wants to take revenge.

Seo Dan hunts down the people who shot Gu Seung Jung and makes sure the one who ordered the hit (Seri’s older brother) get punished for his crimes. Meanwhile, in South Korea Seri’s older brother and his wife think they slipped through the cracks and are safe but when meeting Seri and their father learn that they’ve been busted.

The NIS officer brings out the broker who helped them with all their awful deeds and they get arrested on the spot.

Before leaving, Jeong Hyeok made many attempts to brighten up Seri’s life; he left her messages every day reminding her to take care of herself, she continues to receive those messages every once and a while.

After taking her revenge, Seo Dan empties the honeymoon home and whilst doing that stumbles upon Gu Seung Jung’s belongings and cries while remembering their times together. While she walks the places they did, she also cries as she remembers him, she’s still wearing the ring he gave her.

Meanwhile, Seo Dan’s mom and Jeong Hyeok’s mom meet up and cancel the engagement and apologize repeatedly to each other.

Two months have passed, Jeong Hyeok is being greeted by the village ladies who are dressed to the nines to meet him after not seeing him for a long time. He’s joined by his soldiers as well, he announces that Pyo Chi Su is taking over his post, the ladies aren’t exactly happy about that. Jeong Hyeok says,

“I am summoned to join the national orchestra.”

One day, Seri gets a message from Jeong Hyeok to the effect of them reuniting in Switzerland one day. He says no matter how long it takes they should meet again, it’s vague but it gives her hope to return to the same spots they once visited in hopes of running to him again.

After that, Seri visits Switzerland, she falsely recognizes him a couple of times. Later, she then hangs gliders off a mountain and lands unsuccessfully, a man tells her it wasn’t a bad landing, when she lifts her head to see him, she notices that it’s him, Jeong Hyeok. They reunite and kiss.


Seo Dan’s mother contacts the Fortune Teller asking when her daughter will ever get married. Seo Dan sees that and tells her mother that it is the trend these days to be single; she’s off to practice for an upcoming performance in Russia.

Meanwhile, Seri’s business is doing so well and she tells her employees she’s headed to Switzerland again and asks not to be contacted. It becomes something she does yearly.

She reunites with Jeong Hyeok at a concert organized by her family that helped fund for rising talents in art and classical music. Later, we see them in a beautiful house, Seri puts new flowers in a vase and walks them to her balcony that overlooks a beautiful lake, she spots Jeong Hyeok again.

She walks towards the hill where he’s standing holding flowers; the two have a picnic together.

It’s a semi- happily ever after.

Many Fans think the drama ending was bitter-sweet, some wished for the second couple to also get their happy ending but sadly, they didn’t. But we definitly say that everyone is happy that Seri and Jeong Hyeok reunited and had a happy ending.

Here are some of their thoughts on the drama:

What did you think of “Crash Landing On You” ending? did you like it?


  1. Itaweon Class is so much better.. CLOY was just not that great, I am not sure how it got so many rave reviews, I mean it was a cute drama but I think Itaewon Class had the better storyline. VIP was definitly a better drama (Jang Nara killed it) and Hotel De Luna was better but everyone is going nuts for CLOY.. Well, whatever I guess.

    • Well i guess everyone has different tastes. In my opinion CLOY is better than every K drama you just mentioned. (I have watched all of them by the way). CLOY had drama, romance, heart breaking moments that actually mean something, they actually took risks aswell. Itaewon Class was disappointing it had one of the best 1st halfs ever and then is basically fell flat. The romance was way too forced aswell, the chemistry was just off.


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