Chinese BLINKs Raise More Than $300,000 To Buy BLACKPINK Next Album

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Chinese BLINKs are prepared for BLACKPINK next comeback the best way possible!

BLINKs all around the world have been coming up with ideas to support BLACKPINK upcoming comeback and some of them decided it would be a great idea to pool their money together in order to buy BLACKPINK’s next album.

Among all the international fandoms of BLACKPINK, Chinese BLINKs managed to raise the most money, they have raised over $328,834.5 as of February 8, a whopping amount that’s unheard of before.

Anticipation is at an all-time high for BLACKPINK’s upcoming album, YG has yet to make any official announcement regarding BLACKPINK’s next comeback but fans are prepared to show their love and support for the girls the best way possible, by buying their physical albums, which is usually the best way to support an artist.

YG had previously revealed that BLACKPINK is working hard and recording music for their upcoming comeback, fans can’t wait to hear confirmed news about BLACKPINK’s next comeback.

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