BTS V Savage Response To A Fan Who Asked If His Wings In Comeback Teasers Were Real


BTS members interactions with fans on Weverse are hella funny and entertaining, and one particular interaction between a fan and BTS V is gaining lots of attention.

BTS are back in Korea and are currently working hard in preparation for their upcoming comeback, but that doesn’t mean they have no time to interact with fans, BTS V likes to interact with fans a lot on Weverse and some of his response are hella epic.

Yesterday, BTS released new concept photos and fans went wild. The concept photos were very dark and the members had wings on their backs, fans started trying to analyze the photos and connect the dots.

However, one fan was so confused they asked if the wings were real…. (yup, they did) and apparently V had the best reply when he saw their comment.

The fan wrote,

“Are these wings real?”

To which V savagely responded:

“Do you really think they’re real?

Maybe think about it a little bit more.”

The hilarious reply has fans in tears, tweets about this interaction has gone viral on twitter and have been retweeted thousands of times already.

What do you think of V’s hilarious response?


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