BTS V has sent an indirect message to solo stans and fans are sharing it everywhere!

BTS V is one of the most active members on Weverse. Lately, he’s been communicating with fans, playing games and teasing them on the app. Fans are having lots of fun interacting with BTS V through messages and photos.

He recently posted a message asking who’s not sleeping and chatted with fans and even played some games with them to pass time. One fan took the chance to thank him for being so active, the fan wrote,

“I am soo soooo sooo thankful that you come on Weverse often to hang out with us. ARMYs will love Taehyung much much much more!!”

BTS V replied with,

“Please love all seven of us, I am asking of you!”

This is a stern reminder to all solo stans that BTS members don’t want such negativity or selectively and would appreciate for fans to love all of them.

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What do you think of V’s response?


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