BTS Jungkook Crowned ‘The King Of Fancams’ After Reaching This HUGE Milestone With Fancam Views

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BTS Jungkook continues to break records in all sorts of fields and this recent record is another impressive one!

In the Kpop world, there is a thing that’s called ‘fancam’ which is basically a focused camera video on one idol from a group during a performance. As trivial as it might sound, it can actually save careers especially if the fancam is special or interesting enough for it to go viral. A great example of that would be EXID Hani‘s famous fancam performing “Up and Down,” that fancam saved the group from disbanding and skyrocketed their popularity.

And depending on the idol group and its members, chances are you’ll end up finding a lot of fancams of them, this includes BTS Jungkook, who’s part of the biggest idol group. Fans have been counting how popular his fancams are and this recent record proves how beloved and popular he is.

As of early 2020, Jungkook has over 114 fancams with over 1 million views on YouTube a record in the Kpop world and one that is only held by him. Two of those fancams have over 30 million views, and one with 50 million views higher than some MVs of many other kpop groups.

Fans have labeled BTS Jungkook ‘the king of fancams’ for achieving this record. His charisma and incredible skills on-stage has made his fancams a source of entertainment for his fans.

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