BTS Jimin Revealed To Have Been The Target Of A Hate Group That Was Out To Destroy His Image, Chat Group Content Exposed

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ARMYs, Korean and international, have been fighting a group of haters after finding out about their closed chat group that focuses on sending hate to Jimin.

A twitter user has exposed the chat group after his/her acquaintance (hereafter A) joined the group which had over 40 members to discuss BTS and ways they can hype articles and support the group. However, A soon realized how bad the chat group really is.

The group would collect reporters’ names and emails asking them to either remove articles about Jimin or edit them to include OT7, they’d sometimes pretend to be fans who care about all members and ask reporters to edit said articles about Jimin so ‘no other outshines the other hiding their true motives.’ Something true ARMY found disgusting and pathetic. Once an article highlighting Jimin’s performance of “Black Swan” was released, ARMY shared email and name of reporter asking him to take down the article.

They also took notes of articles and post on social media to praise certain members and alienate other members completely, the victim was Jimin. And since they claim to be true ARMY, they’re not only harming the image of the fandom but also the image of BTS.

Other ARMYs found out about this through the twitter account and A who decided to reveal texts from the group to expose them and warn others about them. It is said that the group has been running for years, but this has not been verified.

ARMYs began tweeting at Big Hit asking them to take strict legal action against the haters who continue to harass the members and damage the fandom and BTS’s image.

Several hashtags have been trending worldwide and in South Korea on Twitter, fans have been doing the best they can to spread the content of the chat group to expose those haters; they’re demanding a quick response from the agency.

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Here are some fans thoughts on the matter, plus other information about the chat group:

What do you think of this situation?

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