BTS has had a difficult road to success, but once they caught it, they haven’t let go!

While BTS has made and broke many records locally and internationally, this particular record is one of their most impressive ones so far.

BTS started getting Daesang (grand prizes) awards back in 2016 when they began to blow up and since then they have managed to get a whopping 40 daesangs since their debut, the most ever for a Korean artist in South Korea’s history.

BTS were awarded the most daesangs in 2019, they’ve managed to win the grand prizes of most of the biggest Korean award shows in 2019 and in 2020, they have won 3 so far with the latest one being their Daesang at the 2020 Seoul Music Awards.

The second place for the most awarded artist goes to EXO with 23 Daesangs, number 3 is TWICE with 15 Daesangs, and number 4 is a tie between Big Bang / Girls’ Generation with 10 Daesangs.

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Congrats to BTS!


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