BLACKPINK Comeback Isn’t Happening In March, Reportedly Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

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Looks like BLACKPINK comeback isn’t happening in March as many BLINKs had initially hoped.

There have been many indications that BLACKPINK would comeback between March and April of 2020 according to YG Entertainment. However, nothing has been released regarding their upcoming comeback causing more frustration among the fandom for YG’s lack of transparency in relation to BLACKPINK comeback date.

And a new investor report is shedding light on how much the threat of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) will affect companies including YG Entertainment. The report suggests that BLACKPINK’s comeback in March will be postponed due to the threat of COVID-19 in South Korea that had already cost a lot of damage to some of the biggest agencies in South Korea.

TWICE, Taemin, NCT, and many many other groups had to either cancel or postpone their concerts or fanmeetings in lights of the virus spreading through South Korea at an alarming rate, the number of cases recently passed 1000 and is growing by the hundreds with every day.

BLINKs are obviously frustrated with the delay but would rather the girls be protected well, however, many are wondering if YG had even intended to have the girls come back in March, the agency isn’t exactly known for being accurate with the dates they give for their artists’ comebacks. YG hasn’t canceled the group’s upcoming concerts despite the coronavirus threat which cast doubt over the initial report.

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