B.I Secretly Made A Generous Donation To Chinese Fans Dealing With The Coronavirus Outbreak

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Former iKON member B.I is making headlines for his generous donation to his Chinese fans who are dealing with the current Coronavirus outbreak.

Initially, the donation was not made public, however, B.I’s fan café made an announcement revealing his kind deed to the public, they also stressed that B.I didn’t wish for his donation to be made public.

The fan café shared statements in Korean and also offered an English translation to the statement, read what they had to say below:

B.I has been avoiding the spotlight following his drug scandal and subsequent departure from his group and YG. He had gone under police questioning a couple of months ago and that was followed by Yang Hyun Suk as well.

Recently, Korean news outlets reported that it has been found partially true by police that Yang Hyun Suk threatened informant ‘A’ who testified against B.I to change her testimony. The prosecution plans on forwarding Yang Hyun Suk’s case to the prosecution for a recommendation for indictment.

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