Apink Eunji Under Fire For Asking Married Announcer If He’s Ever Cheated On Radio


Apink Eunji is receiving backlash by netizens for asking announcer Do Kyung Wan is he’s ever cheated on his wife on air.

On February 10 episode of Apink Eunji’s radio show, announcer Do Kyung Wan was asked a very weird question during the show. The announcer is a regular on the hit variety show “Superman is back.” One of the topics they discussed was about people with long ring fingers, there is a belief that such people are more likely to cheat on their partners.

Apink Eunji carefully asked,

“I am sure you would never do this now, but you’ve never cheat in your life, have you?”

The announcer was obviously flustered by her question, he replied,

“No. Cheating? How dare you? ‘playfully, followed by awkward laughing’”

Netizens found Eunji’s question unnecessary and uncalled for, some of them commented things such as,

“why would you ask that?”

“The question was uncalled for and not funny at all.”

“Why is she asking that to a married man?”

Some other netizens also pointed out that its not the first time Eunji makes a mistake live on radio.

What do you think of her question? Do you think she went overboard?

My Personal Thoughts

I don’t think Eunji meant it in a bad way, but it did come off awkward and weird.

I mean, unless I know the people, flat out asking anyone if they had ever cheated on their partners before is kinda…. weird and unnecessary. I don’t think she meant anything bad by it, but she just came off the wrong way, she might need to think a bit more in the future before trying to initiate a conversation around dodgy topics.

Being live on-air and radio is bound to cause some mistakes, some people have better control over the flow of their own thoughts and conversations while others don’t. This is why radio isn’t for everybody.

But it’s not that big of a deal people, don’t make it so!


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