Nam Taehyun deeply worried his fans with his recent live streams on Instagram, he sounded distressed, he was drinking during one of his recent live sessions and repeatedly apologized to fans.

Nam Taehyun said a lot of things that fans found deeply concerning such as,

“Please don’t hate me so much. I am scared every day.”

He also talked about the agency not providing much support for his band South Club. He even asked ‘where is the gun’ during the live Instagram which only concerned fans even more.

Various news outlets began covering the news and his agency P&B Entertainment issued a response stating that Nam Taehyun has been working hard on preparing new music but ‘has been experiencing trouble with the creative process as an artist.’ The agency also said they will work hard to protect Nam Taehyun and work to provide full support,

“As his agency, we are working hard to protect our artist. We will endure all the struggles along with him and work to provide our full support.”

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What do you think of their response?

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