Actor Lee Si Eon Destroyed With Hateful Comments By Netizens Calling Him Out For Donating ‘Too Little’

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Actor Lee Si Eon is being heavily criticized and it’s for a reason that’ll have you shaking your head.

Recently, Actor Lee Si Eon posted a screenshot of proof he donated 1 million won (~$830 USD) to a non-profit organization (Hope Bridge) in order to help fight the coronavirus epidemic in South Korea, but instead of being met with praise, he was met with criticism.

Netizens began destroying him in the comment sections of articles talking about his donation. Due to the heavy criticism, Lee Si Eon deleted his post and its nowhere to be found. Various Korean celebrities are donating to charity, some donating $10,000 and some donating up to $80,000 if not more to help the cause. Companies are also stepping up to help as well with SM donating over 400,000$ to the same foundation Lee Si Eon donated to.

Many netizens think he’s ‘stingy’ and ‘not donating enough’ despite his popularity and possible good income as an actor.

Soon Korean news outlets began to cover the story about how Lee Si Eon is being heavily attacked by some netizens. Soon, fans and nonfans began defending the actor and calling out netizens who criticized him for donating, saying any money is appreciated to help fight against the virus.

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Here are some of their comments:

“People are really ugly; you don’t even donate 1000 won.”

“He’s a wonderful person who made a donation…. your heart is what’s important.”

“Cool donation, we’re cheering you on Lee Si Eon, you have a pretty heart. Fighting.”

“Instead of focusing on the amount, why don’t you pay attention to the fact that he donated? Why are you making it a big deal?”

And many more similar comments.

How do you feel about the hate he’s receiving?

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