7 Idols Who’s Drastic Sudden Weight Loss Caused Huge Concern Among Fans

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Being a Kpop idol is not an easy feat, idols have to do so many things in hopes of one day becoming an idol, some of the requirements include dieting. Idols must maintain a slim figure and sometimes that can take a toll on their health.

And even after debut, idols are still required to maintain a slim figure, sometimes leading fans to feel worried about them. Today, we’re going to talk about 7 Kpop idols who lost a lot of weight and caused their fans to worry.

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Gdragon is known for having a slim body naturally. But in 2017, he worried his fans about his health when he appeared to have lost even more weight. Fans showed concern when they could visibly see his ribs.

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EXO Sehun


EXO members have gone a long way since their debut days. Back then, they all had slim bodies and some of them caused concern among fans due to that.

Sehun was one of them, he’s known for being slender back in their early debut days, when compared to other EXO members at the time, he looked noticeably thinner.

We’re glad to see that he’s doing better these days and looking a lot healthier.



Sunmi’s thin body has always been the topic of discussion among fans until recently.

Sunmi confessed that she weighed 39 Kg (86lbs) at her lowest in 2018, however, in early 2019; she surprised fans by showing off her weight gain. She gained 8 kg through exercise and dieting in preparation for her world tour.

Fans are happy to see she gained back weight the healthy way and has been honest about her journey through it, many idols would rather not talk about it.

EXO Xiumin


If you’re an EXO fan, then you probably know this already. Xiumin used to receive harsh criticism about his weight back in the early days. At the time, he lost an alarming amount of weight.

Since then, he became much healthier and even put on muscle.

AOA Jimin


AOA Jimin caused a lot of buzz with photos she shared of herself looking alarmingly skinny in early 2019.

Netizens were so worried about her that FNC had to issue a response,

“We understand there are a lot of questions about Jimin’s health. There is nothing wrong with Jimin’s health, she’s alright.”

FNC explained that Jimin was healthy, but many refused the agency explanation and urged Jimin to seek out help if she needed it.

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Red Velvet Wendy


Back in 2017, Red Velvet Wendy caused a lot of concern among her fans when they saw photos of her performance at their comeback stage on music shows. She had apparently lost a great amount of weight and her ribs and bones were showing.

Wendy had previously spoken about her strict diet regime and explained that she would eat so little and work out so much in order to lose weight before her debut, but she also confessed that she can’t do the same things anymore.

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Red Velvet Wendy has gained back her weight and looks a lot healthier these days.



BLACKPINK fans are split on this one. Some blinks believe that Rosé is too skinny and has progressively gotten skinnier in recent years since her debut, while others disagree.

But her weight has always caused concern among fans. Rosé has assured her fans she eats well but can’t gain weight easily.

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