YG Forced To Respond To Fans’ Demands Of Better Treatment For WINNER After They Protest Using LED Screen At YG Headquarters

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This is the second time YG Entertainment had to issue a response following fans’ direct demands through an LED screen.

On January 30, fans sent a truck with LED screen presenting fans’ requests for group WINNER; the truck was parked right in front of YG headquarters and other locations around Seoul as well. It aired fans’ demands for the whole world to see and for everyone going in and out of YG to see.

According to WINNER fans, they have been trying to reach out to YG and requesting changes and better treatment of the members for a while but to no avail, which is the reason behind the LED screen project.

The fans requested many things including the active use of the group’s YouTube channel, a full group comeback, TV promotions before their military enlistment, they also want a clear announcement of their future plans, as well as support for the members, solo activities, among many other things.

In response to the LED screen, YG Entertainment released a statement to their social media accounts explaining that they’re ‘preparing for WINNER’s new album and solo projects’ as planned.

YG explains that despite their hectic schedule during their Asia tour, they’re finding time to record new music until the early morning to share them with fans as quickly as possible.

YG added,

“Including their Seoul encore concert scheduled for February 14 and 15, YG will do their utmost and support WINNER’s new projects and the members’ solo album plans in 2020.”

YG ended their statement saying they ‘listen and honor the wishes of their artists and fans as the top priority,’ they also stated they’re doing their best effort to yield out the best results. News about WINNER will drop soon according to YG.

What do you think of their response?

My Personal Thoughts

Look at YG breaking records in all the wrong things!

Imma tell you something, whoever came up with the LED screen idea among BLINKs deserve some sort of award because this is a new civilized effective way to draw the public attention to shit companies do.

I predict in the future, we’ll see many more fandoms taking such measures to get a proper response from the company.

YG’s response is very generic and similar to that of BLACKPINK. The pressing matter with WINNER here is that Jinu has to enlist this year; I understand fans’ worries about the group’s future promotions too. WINNER debuted almost 6 years ago which means that by 2021, the members’ would have to decide if they want to remain in YG or if they want to leave.

It’s so sad that fans have to resort to such measures to put pressure on YG. This also tells me that nothing has changed with the new CEO; I don’t see any improvement from the way everything was run. I had low expectations to begin with and my hunch proved to be correct… I just feel sorry for the way YG artists get treated.

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