Why Is Big Hit Neglecting Promoting BTS Comeback To Over 21.9 Million Followers On Instagram?


International ARMY have been urging Big Hit Entertainment to use Instagram to promote BTS comeback, let’s talk about the hashtag ARMY are trending and why they started it.

BTS has built its brand internationally through social media, they’re known for being especially active on their social media accounts across the board, that’s how they communicate with their fans and it’s one of the reasons they managed to build such a dedicated fandom.

With the news of BTS February comeback, ARMY have been especially excited planning a lot for BTS to make it a memorable comeback. However, there was something that attracted ARMYs attention starting a debate that led to a hashtag being used to urge the agency to use Instagram.

BTS are known for being especially active on Twitter, sharing exclusive content there which is the reason why many ARMY even use the platform, however, twitter is not widely used in many countries around the world. According to Statista, as of the first quarter of 2019, Twitter averaged 330 million monthly active users; on the other hand, Instagram had reached one billion monthly active users as of June 2018. As you can see, there is a huge margin between the two social media platforms with Instagram being the obvious mostly-used.

Despite the statistics, Big Hit Entertainment has not used BTS official Instagram account to promote their upcoming comeback which is something that’s puzzling ARMY all around the world.

Questions about this risen following conversations between ARMYs, a part of the fandom had initially thought that the news of BTS comeback was a scam because they didn’t see BTS update anything to their official account.

A portion of the fandom is not being targeted by Big Hit, which is odd, to say the least. BTS official Instagram account has over 21.9 million followers as of this writing, the only thing updated to indicate plans of a comeback is the logo, aside from that, the official account has not been updated since October 2019. For a group as big as BTS, it’s very puzzling to see their Instagram account this quiet.

Notably, the only clickable link in their account is their official website.

While many could argue that true ARMY would still be able to find out information about BTS comeback plans, promotions and schedules through other means for themselves, it is still very odd to not see a single update about their highly anticipated comeback on such a huge platform where they have amassed a huge following.

They could not only gain new fans through Instagram but also effectively raise anticipation for their comeback with the correct promotional material and strategy, not to mention how they could use the clickable link to add the pre-order link to BTS upcoming album which will obviously result in more direct sales.

This is why ARMY have started trending #bighituseinstagram, they’re tagging Big Hit official account and trying to bring the agency attention to this, the fandom is urging Big Hit to use Instagram and bridge the gap between ARMY who don’t use twitter for whatever reasons.

Here are some of their tweets:

Big Hit is yet to respond to fans demands, if they do, this article will be updated to reflect their official response.

What do you think of this situation? Do you think Big Hit is doing the right thing not targeting Instagram?

My Personal Thoughts

I work as a social media marketing expert besides working on this blog so this is very interesting to me.

For younger fans who might not be aware, such big companies similar to bighit don’t just do things for the sake of it; every move is calculated, this is why not using instagram is confusing me.

In my opinion, they can easily grow their instagram account faster if they posted daily or even weekly. For a company this big, they can easily curate content suitable for instagram, take a look at how BLACKPINK members use it for example, it can generate huge profit.

For a company this size, it’s not even going to cost extra or even take up time to curate content for instagram, I am telling you, it’s very easy for them.

It could be that they aim to bring ARMY to use Weverse, but still, I don’t think that’s the answer because they’re losing opportunities by not posting to instagram, plus it’s not going to hurt them in any ways if they posted.

Not every single ARMY or casual fan will try to go out of their way to look for BTS content, plus, many countries don’t prefer using twitter, as a platform, instagram has their targeted audience. They can easily hype up even more people using instagram.

I could be wrong but I do believe it’s very weird that they’re neglecting this social media platform, as company they have the duty to properly promote their artists to all audiences everywhere, it’s not like they lack money or manpower either.

I hope bighit isn’t becoming too reliant on ARMY doing all the work for them; it’s their job to promote BTS, not the fandom. A lot of ARMY seem to believe that it’s their duty as well when in reality the company that’s providing the product (the music in this case) should be the one doing it.

Also, side note, I am surprised that a good portion of ARMY are speaking up about this demanding answers because the international side is relatively biased (not everyone but most) towards the agency, we have many company stans on twitter so it surprised me.


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