The fate of IZ*ONE is currently being discussed and fans are worried about their future.

Earlier today, it was announced that X1 has officially disbanded, this comes after X1 agencies failed to agree unanimously on one thing, fans started wondering if IZ*ONE will be next and it seems that it won’t be happening.

On January 6, multiple music industry officials told news outlets that IZ*ONE agencies have reached an agreement and they will resume activities. This comes after IZ*ONE suspended their group activities and indefinitely delayed their comeback because of the vote-rigging controversy. The PDs had admitted to rigging the votes completely for the last two seasons and that he final lineup was already pre-determined.

Last year, CJ ENM held an emergency press conference apologizing for the controversy and stated the fates of both groups will be determined soon.

Despite the fact that X1 agencies weren’t able to unanimously reach an agreement, IZ*ONE agencies did and they had reportedly agreed to resume their activities soon.

A source from CJ ENM told Sports Today that they’re currently in positive discussions regarding the resumption of IZ*ONE activities.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Do you think IZ*ONE should resume activities?

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  1. IZ*ONE should normalise their activities, so should X1. Afterall, both groups were supposedly rigged.
    Would be interesting to find out the reason/s for disagreement among the various agencies of X1. Were they fighting over the position of their trainees within the group or was it over the amount of compensation involved?
    Perhaps none of the above reasons, but would still like to know the real reason behind the disbandment. So sad for the boys, so much of their talent/potential not being fully utilized. What a waste! Tq for giving me space to air my views.


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