Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung took to instagram to call out people who continue to send her hateful malicious comments.

On her Instagram stories, she shared screenshot of some direct messages (DMs) she’s been receiving from a netizen, the netizen left comments on selfies she shared to her stories, commenting things like ‘too ordinary,’ and ‘you look plain.’

Choi Yoojung added a comment to those screenshots, she said,

“Thank you to everyone who takes an interest in me. I know that that love is precious too, and in order to know this better, I am reading all of the direct messages you send! I also know that there are many more people who love me. Thank you.”

Choi Yoojung took a break since October 2019 due to health issues; she recently opened her personal Instagram account to communicate with fans.

What do you think of her response?



  1. Her company ought to be proactive in protecting her she was diplomatic shes anything but ordinary shes talanted and beauttiful we need Sulis Law asap


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